Langelier Saturation Index(LSI) Calculation

langelier saturation index calculator

What is Langelier Saturation Index?

Langelier Saturation Index(LSI) was developed by Scientist Langelier in 1936.

The LSI is used to determine the need for calcium carbonate precipitation scale control in water sources containing a TDS concentration of less than 10,000 mg/L

LSI is most widely used tool to predict tendency of cooling water. In order to calculate LSI five values namely TDS(Total Dissolved Solid), Temperature, Calcium Hardness, M-Alkalinity & pH are  very important.

Based on these five values you can calculate saturation pH called pHs & then subtract it from actual pH to get LSI.

Actually, LSI predicts tendency of CaCO3(Calcium Carbonate), whether it will precipitate it or dissolve it.

Basically,This information is important at the time of designing a cooling water chemical treatment program, especially in water that have a tendency to form calcium carbonate scale.

LSI Prediction:

  • If LSI is Negative; No potential to scale,Water will dissolve CaCO3
  • If LSI is Positive; Scale will form & CaCO3 precipitation occurs
  • If LSI is ZERO; Water is considered as stable water

Langelier Saturation Index Calculator:

LSIPotential For CaCO3 Deposition
3.0Extremely Severe
2.0Very Severe
0Stable Water
-0.5Non-scaling,Slight tendency to dissolve CaCO3
-1.0Non-scaling,Moderate tendency to dissolve CaCO3
-2.0Non-scaling,Strong tendency to dissolve CaCO3
-3.0Non-scaling,Very strong tendency to dissolve CaCO3

LSI Calculation Formula:

LSI Formula
A =( LOG10 * (TDS)-1) / 10
B = (-13.12 * LOG10(temp +273)) + 34.55
C = LOG (CaH) – 0.4
D = LOG10(M-Alk)
pHs = (9.3 + A + B) – (C + D)
LSI = pHa – pHs


TDS = Total Dissolved Solids(ppm)

temp = Temperature(dEG C)

CaH = Calcium Hardness(ppm as CaCO3)

M-Alk = M-Alkalinity(ppm as CaCO3)

pHs = Saturation pH

pHa = Actual pH

LSI Calculation Example:

Total Dissolved Solids500 mg/L
Temperature30 dEG C
Calcium Hardness250 ppm as CaCO3
M-Alkalinity100 ppm as CaCO3

Lets Calculate..

Put cooling water analysis values in above LSI Formula. You get below values for constants A,B,C & D as per below table:


Finally, LSI = pHa – PHs

LSI = 8.0 – 7.49 = 0.51

The tendency of this water is slightly scale forming.

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