Langelier Saturation Index

Langelier Saturation Index
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Langelier Saturation Index Calculator:

Langelier Saturation Index(LSI) was developed by Langelier in 1936.

Langelier Saturation Index(LSI) is most widely used tool to predict tendency of cooling water. In order to calculate LSI five values namely TDS(Total Dissolved Solid), Temperature, Calcium Hardness, M-Alkalinity & pH are imporatant.

Based on this values LSI calculation first predicts pHs called saturation pH & then predict LSI value.

Actually, LSI predicts tendency of CaCO3(Calcium Carbonate) whether it will precipitate it or dissolve it.

LSI Prediction
If LSI is Negative; No potential to scale,Water will dissolve CaCO3
If LSI is Positive; Scale will form & CaCO3 precipitation occurs
If LSI is ZERO; Water is considered as stable water


LSI Potential For CaCO3 Deposition
3.0 Extremely Severe
2.0 Very Severe
1.0 Severe
0.5 Moderate
0 Stable Water
-0.5 Non-scaling,Slight tendency to dissolve CaCO3
-1.0 Non-scaling,Moderate tendency to dissolve CaCO3
-2.0 Non-scaling,Strong tendency to dissolve CaCO3
-3.0 Non-scaling,Very strong tendency to dissolve CaCO3


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