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Ryznar Stability Index(RSI)

What is Ryznar Stability Index? Ryznar Stability Index(RSI) was developed by John Ryznar in 1940. It is also called Rznar Index. The reason behind the development of ryznar index is to get more accurate prediction of calcium carbonate scale than Langalier Saturation...

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3 Types of Cooling System

The selection of a types of cooling system is basically depends on the quantity & quality of the water source which is available. Each of these systems has it's own advantages & disadvantages.The Three main types of cooling water system are: Once Through...

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Ion Exchange Resin | History & Development

History of Ion Exchange Resin: Two Englishmen Thompson and Way, first recognized the process of ion exchange in 1850. They reported that when a fertilizer solution poured over a column of soil, ammonia in the fertilizer solution was replaced by calcium from the soil....

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