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pH level of water

pH Level of Water | pH of Drinking Water

What is pH level of water? The term pH means “Power of Hydrogen” or “Potential of Hydrogen” in chemistry. But simply pH level of water indicates the concentration of hydrogen ion in water. pH Formula & pH Scale: Based on hydrogen ion concentration pH scale is developed. pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. pH

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Alkalinity of water

What is Alkalinity of Water?

Alkalinity of water means acid neutralization capacity of water. When you add acid in water (adding H+ ions) water absorbs H+ ions without showing significant change in pH. Mainly, it is due to carbonate, bicarbonate & hydroxide ion present in water or the mixture of two ions present in water. The possibility of OH– and

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Water Hardness

Temporary And Permanent Hardness of Water

Simple defination of hardness is the amount of calcium & magnesium ions present in water. It is divided in two parts carbonate or temporary hardness and non-carbonate or permanent hardness. It is a major source of scale in water systems i.e.boiler water & cooling water systems. Softening is a popular method for removal of hardness

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types of cooling system

3 Types of Cooling System

The selection of a types of cooling system is basically depends on the quantity & quality of the water source which is available. Each of these systems has it’s own advantages & disadvantages.The Three main types of cooling water system are: Once Through Cooling System Closed Recirculating System Open Recirculating System Let’s discuss one by

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langelier saturation index calculator

Langelier Saturation Index(LSI) Calculation

What is Langelier Saturation Index? Langelier Saturation Index(LSI) was developed by Scientist Langelier in 1936. The LSI is used to determine the need for calcium carbonate precipitation scale control in water sources containing a TDS concentration of less than 10,000 mg/L LSI is most widely used tool to predict tendency of cooling water. In order

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types of cooling tower what is cooling tower

Types of Cooling Tower With Figure

in this article, I addresses both the important question what is cooling tower & how many types of cooling tower? Are you ready to learn? Let’s start.. Cooling tower is simply a one type of heat exchange equipment where air & water comes in to the direct contact with each other. The main function of

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