Want to Learn Water Treatment Basics?

Ion Exchange Resin | History & Development

History of Ion Exchange Resin: Two Englishmen Thompson and Way, first recognized the process of ion exchange in 1850. They reported that when a fertilizer solution poured over a column of soil, ammonia in the fertilizer solution was replaced by calcium from the soil....

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What is Alkalinity of Water

Alkalinity means acid neutralization capacity of water. When we add acid in water (adding H+ ions) water absorbs H+ ions without showing significant change in pH mainly it is due to carbonate, bicarbonate &...

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Water Hardness | Water Hardness Scale

What is Water Hardness? Simple defination of hardness is the amount of calcium & magnesium ions present in water. It is divided in two parts carbonate or temporary hardness and non-carbonate or permanent hardness. It is a major source of scale in water systems...

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