how does a deaerator work

Explained: How Does a Deaerator Work?

Table of Contents What is Deaerator?Deaerator Working Principle:Why steam is used as a purge gas in deaerator?How Does a Deaerator Work?Solubility of Oxygen in Water:Types of Deaerators:1. Vacuum Deaerators:2.Hotwells & Open Heaters:3.Pressure Deaerators:Benefits of Pressure Deaerators:Types of Pressure Deaerators:Spray Type Deaerator:Tray Type Deaerator:Typical Arrangement of deaerator units:Deaerator Pressure and Temperature (Performance Guidelines):Deaerator Steam Requirement Calculation:Deaerator …

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pitting corrosion in boiler

What is Pitting Corrosion?

Table of Contents Oxygen Pitting Corrosion in boiler:Required conditions for oxygen pitting:Mechanism of  Oxygen Pitting :Characteristics of oxygen pitting corrosion:Where do you see oxygen pitting corrosion in boiler? Oxygen Pitting Corrosion in boiler: The presence of dissolved oxygen in boiler system is responsible for pitting corrosion. Water acts as a cathode of any corrosion cell …

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cooling tower calculations

Cooling Tower Calculations

In order to understand cooling tower calculations, you need to understand some basic terminology & formulas. Let’s start… Table of Contents #1. Wet bulb temperature:#2. Dry bulb temperature:#3. Range or Delta T:#4. Approach:#5. Cooling Tower Effectiveness:#6. Hold up volume:#7. Circulation Rate or Re-circulation Rate:#8. Evaporation Loss:#9. Windage or Drift Loss:#10. Cycle of concentration(COC):#11. Blow down: …

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