Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher Review

Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher Review

Brita atlantis water filter pitcher is a very popular product from brita. Brita is one of the most reputed manufacturer of water filter in the world. You’ll get all the information about it in this brita atlantis water filter pitcher review article.


It is made from BPA free plastic makes this pitcher safe for your health. The ergonomic design will make it easy for you to store and fit the unit into the fridge.

This pitcher’s filters are quite effective, and they will be able to eliminate the majority of contaminants from your water. The filters will filter out the majority of chlorine, copper, zinc, cadmium, and mercury, as well as other contaminants. The filter will also provide you with odor free water, since it will only generate clean, refreshing water.

The flip top lead of this pitcher makes the water filling process very convenient and easy. Handy gripper allows you to hold the pitcher in your hand comfortably.  

The filter indicator is one of the of using this filter. The indicator tells you when it’s time to replace the filters, ensuring that you’re constantly drinking clean water.

The plastic container can only hold 6 cups of water, so you’ll have to refill the filter multiple times during the day.

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Filtration Capability:

The filter of the brita atlantis pitcher is made to be as efficient as possible.

1. The water initially passes through a series of meshes as water enters the filter. The larger pollutants will be blocked by the first mesh, while the smaller particles will be blocked by the second. The majority of suspended impurities like rust, dirt, debris, silt have been removed at this point.

2. After passing through meshes water enters into the filter. The filter’s inside is comprised of a porous matrix, which slows the water as it passes through it, providing it to spend more time in contact with the filters.

3. After passing through the filter water comes into the contact with ACF(Activated Carbon Filter) where super large surface area of carbon adsorbs all the contaminants like chlorine and bad odor from the water.

4. This is final filtration stage. After passing through ACF water finally enters into the ion-exchange filter.

This filter softens the water by eliminating the minerals that cause limescale to form. Magnesium and calcium are the minerals that is responsible to buildup scale. The resin beads of the ion-exchange filter will release the sodium ions to capture the minerals like calcium and magnesium.

The water will become cleaner and softer after passing through ion-exchange filter.

These filter cartridges provide water that is pure, fresh, and nutritious. You may drink it and cook with it to live a better lifestyle.

Filter Lifespan:

The filter cartridges of brita atlantis pitcher must be replaced every two months or after they have filtered up to 40 gallons of water. Depending on their water use, some people may need to change their water filters more frequently than once every two months with a 40-gallon capacity.

The filters are simple to replace, and a new set isn’t too expensive. A sticker filter indication will alert you when it’s time to change the filter.

Technical Specification:

Technical specification of brita atlantis water filter pitcher are as follows:


  • BPA-Free material
  • Ergonomics design
  • Easy filling lid
  • Filter change indicator


  • Lid may falls off
  • Small size pitcher

Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher Review – Final Verdict:

I strongly recommend you to purchase brita atlantis water filter pitcher if you don’t want to use water bottles every year and want to filter the drinking water within the budget.

Hope, you enjoy brita atlantis water filter pitcher review.

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