Nakii Water Filter Pitcher Review

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher Review

Are you worried about short water filter life then Nakii water filter pitcher review will definitely change your perception.

The life of the filter inside the Nakii pitcher is 150 gallons which is one of the longest lifespan of the filter compare to other water filters available in the market.


Nakii Water Filter Pitcher - Long Lasting 150 Gallons, Supreme Fast Filtration...
  • LONGEST LASTING – 150 GALLONS – 4 TIMES MORE THAN OTHERS! The NAKII pitcher filter is created...
  • TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY THE WQA! The Nakii brand water filter pitchers are manufactured by Water...

Built on Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) technology, the WQA certified filtered pitcher has a 150 gallon filter life that removes 98 percent of chlorine and mercury and other water contaminants, transforming tap water into consumable water with no odour or flavour.

The Nakii water pitcher claims to tackle two common concerns with water pitchers: a faster flow rate and a longer filter life. It provides you and your family with beautiful, pure water.

It is one of the quickest water pitchers on the market, with a flow rate of 1.3 litres per minute.

The aesthetics and design features, as well as the technical aspects, demand equal attention. 

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Filtration Capability:

In the US market, the filter has the highest rate of chlorine removal among its competitors. When the chlorine is removed from the water, it becomes odorless and delicious.

The filter is also excellent against rust, silt, and suspended particles, in addition to chlorine and mercury. It also helps to remove heavy metals from the water and fights hardness.

The ACF has a large adsorptive capacity and can remove up to 98 percent of chlorine and mercury from tap water. It has a excellent capability of mercury removal from the water. It provides you safe & clean water to your home. It can easily remove common contaminants present in the drinking water. 

The filter has a decent & fastest water filtration rate 1.3 LPM (Liters Per Minute).

Apart from that, the Nakii water pitcher has succeeded to connect with customers because of one single characteristic that it delivers flawlessly.

Filter Lifespan:

The water filter will produce 150 gallons of water with an average filter life of 150 gallons.

the equivalent of over 450 disposable water bottles In compared to water bottles or coolers, switching to this filter can save a lot of money and is much safer for the environment.

For a family of four with an average annual consumption of 600 gallons, you’ll need four filters every year.

To ensure your family’s safe drinking water needs for a year, all you need is a 3-pack replacement filter for approx. $30 to top up your Nakii pitcher purchase.

Filter longevity is awesome compare to other pitchers available in the market.

Build Material Quality:

This pitcher meets NSF-372 standard and made from BPA free material hence it is safe. Furthermore, the Water Quality Association has approved it, ensuring that all of the manufacturer’s claims are true.

It has a ergonomic & comfort grip handle makes this pitcher easy to carry & use.

Technical Specifications:

The technical specs of the Nakii Water Pitcher are as below:

  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Material: BPA-free plastic
  • Filter: Activated Carbon Fiber
  • Product Dimensions: 11.42 x 8.5 x 4.29 inches


  • BPA free product
  • Fastest filtration rate
  • Longest lifespan of the filter
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Removes chlorine up to 98%


  • Lid of the pitcher is little bit loose.
  • Needs a bit more space in refrigerator.

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher Review – Final Verdict:

Nakii water filter pitcher is a great choice, If you want an effective system with a compact design and a huge filtration capacity,

This pitcher lasts longer than competitors, and its excellent Japanese filtration technology ensures high-quality water without slowing down the process. As an extra plus, the unit is stylish and attractive. 

Hope, you enjoy Nakii water filter pitcher review article.

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