Reshape Water Filter Pitcher Review

reshape water filter pitcher

This article is all about reshape water filter pitcher review.

Drinking clean water is primary need for our body to stay fit & healthy. However, due to modern industrialization and polluted environment it becomes challenging task for us to get clean water.

There is no guarantee that water is coming from your faucet is safe. There are huge amount of possibilities for contamination of water before reaching to your home.

Are you wondering, Right?  What should I do to get clean water?

Thanks to advanced water filtration technology. Today, we are discussing about one of the popular water filter pitcher named Reshape.

Reshape Water Filter Pitcher Review:

The Reshape water filter pitcher offers an affordable and sustainable way to filter your drinking water.

If you are looking for a healthy and inexpensive way to filter your drinking water, this is a good option for you because the price point of the Reshape water filter pitcher review is not high at all.

You can use it as a permanent solution or have it be a temporary fix if you cannot afford to buy a sink filtration system. This product also has a low carbon footprint so it won’t cost much in terms of environmental impact either.

Reshape Water 10- Cup Pitcher with 6-Stage Filter. Removes Fluoride, Chlorine,...
  • RAISE pH – Not just a water purifier, our mineral rich filters help strip away contaminants while...


Reshape is a superb and value for money water filter pitcher available in the market. It is build with BPA free material and FDA approved product. It is perfectly design so that it can easily fits inside all standard size refrigerator.

The filter inside the reshape pitcher is so efficient that it can remove most of the contaminant present in your water.

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Quality of Filter & Filtration Process:

The biggest advantage of this model is that it comes with SGS certified water filters so that you don’t need to worry about the quality of the filter. The filter used in this pitcher are kind of a most complex & advanced compare to other filters available in the market.

The filter contains four things an ion-exchange filter, an activated carbon filter, FIR balls and negative particles to remove contaminants from drinking water.

1st Stage: The water enters into the pitcher first comes in the contact with ion exchange filter. An ion exchange water filter filled with the ion exchange resins where ion exchange process takes place. Calcium and Magnesium ions present in the water converted into the sodium ions and water becomes soft.

2nd Stage: After passing through ion exchange filter water comes into contact with activated carbon filter. Here, contaminants like heavy metal, pesticides, odor are removed & also it improves the taste of the water.

3rd Stage: Now, its time to performance of FIR balls (Far-Infrared Balls) which is the 3rd stage of filtration. The Balls may also produce negative ions at rates ranging from 1500 to 2000p/s.cm3, enhance oxygen content, and release about 20 different trace elements that are essential to human health.

4th Stage: In this final stage, water is converted into negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) water. This means water has a nice amount of antioxidant which is very helpful to release toxins from the body.

Longevity of Filter:

The filters in this pitchers has a capacity to filter 79 gallons of water. It is enough capacity to provide you filtered water almost 1-2 month according to your water consumption and requirement. 

Manufacturer recommends to change filter once in 75 days or after filter out 79 gallons of water. Reshape water filter pitcher comes with 2 filter cartridge so you don’t need to replace the filter up to 4 months.   

Capacity of The Reshape Pitcher

Reshape water filter pitcher has a capacity of 84 ounces or 0.65 gallons of water.

This is not quiet impressive. However, you can fill whole pitcher under 15 mins because the filter inside the pitcher has a decent filtration rate which is 33.8 oz/ 5 min. You can easily fill the pitcher as many times as per your need throughout the day.

Reshape alkaline water filter pitcher is ergonomically designed so that you can easily pour the water without any water spillage.


It comes with reminerlizing filter, it will add all the essential minerals to the water and increase the nutritional value of water.

All parts in this pitcher are replaceable, so you don’t need to worry if any part of the pitcher is damage. It is easily available & replaceable.

This pitcher has a capacity to negatively charge the water. This means it will add antioxidant to water this will help to flushing toxins from your body.


Every time you wish to change the filters, you must go through a lengthy procedure. Even if you don’t have to replace the filters too often, this can be tedious.

If you use this model, you won’t need to look at the digital counter to know when it’s time to change the filters. Take a peek at how quickly the water gets filtered. When the water flow is high at first, it might become incredibly slow as the filters near their filtering capacity.


Overall, Reshape alkaline water filter pitcher is the great choice and provide you mineral, antioxidant rich drinking water to your home. 

In addition to that it is BPA free, SGS certified & FDA approved product that ensure the quality of the product. This is value for money product.

Hope, you’ll find reshape water filter pitcher review helpful and get all the important information about it in this review article.

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