Pur Led Water Filter Pitcher Review

pur led water filter pitcher review

PUR LED water filter pitcher is the amazing product by PUR. PUR has a long history in the water treatment industry. They specialize in developing low-cost water pitchers and faucet filters for students and young adults.

PUR’s water filter pitcher has a relatively cheap price for its water filtration capabilities. This model removes mercury and pharmaceutical traces from your drinking water better than most others.


This is a fantastic water filter that is surprisingly affordable. Up to 11 glasses of water can be held in the water filter pitcher.

The filter is made entirely of BPA-free materials. Because all of the components for this filter are food grade, they can be washed and reused. This makes it possible to use plastic water bottles in an environmental friendly way.

The efficacy of this water filter pitcher is one of its benefits. This pitcher has a cartridge filter that may eliminate the majority of pollutants from your water supply. Not only that, but the premium carbon filter can remove up to 95 percent of mercury, 96 percent of pharmaceuticals, and even heavy metals from the water.

The activated carbon filter is comprised of heat-treated coconut shells with a 200,000-square-foot relative adsorption surface.

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Filter Capabilities:

When people buy pitcher water filters, they don’t expect them to remove anything more than the common impurities like chlorine, dirt, and unpleasant taste. This variant, on the other hand, goes the additional mile and eliminates a lot more.

This pitcher filter’s cartridge filters employ a simple 3-step filtering technique. The water flows through a tight mesh as soon as it enters the filter. Larger pollutants will be blocked from moving ahead by the mesh, ensuring that they do not reach your drinking water.

After passing through the mesh, the water is filtered using activated carbon. Coconut shells are used to make this filter, which has a porous surface. A grain of treated carbon, despite its small size, may provide up to 1,000 square meters of porous surface.

Contaminants in the water are drawn to the carbon by a natural process known as adsorption, and instead of remaining in the water, they will infiltrate its porous surface.

The water is then sent through an ion-exchange filter. The minerals that cause limescale accumulation will be removed by this filter. Magnesium and calcium are the minerals that represent these minerals. When they enter the ion-exchange filter, the resin beads catch them, and they are removed from the water.

Finally, you’ll get cleaner, safer, healthy and tasty water. The quality of the PUR led water filter pitcher may even be healthier than drinking bottled mineral water.

Filter Lifespan:

This water pitcher filter’s cartridge filters have a maximum filtering capacity of 40 gallons. Because the filtering capacity is low, you’ll have to change the filters more frequently compare to other pitchers. Even if replacing the filters won’t take long, some people may find this inconvenient.

With such a maximum filtering capacity of 40 gallons, depending on your water consumption, you may need to change the filters every 4–6 weeks.

Pitcher Capacity:

The pitcher can hold up to 11 cups (0.68 gallons) of water. The filtered water capacity, on the other hand, is merely 8 cups or 0.5 gallons. Depending on how much water your family uses, you may need to refill the pitcher many times a day.

Since the water filtration pitcher is ergonomically designed, it will be easy to handle and store. The pitcher is simple to fill and flows water without spillage.

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BPA- Free & affordable product

Meet NSF/ANSI Standard 

Remove mercury & pharma pollutants


It’s Possible That LEDs Will Fail

Filling rate is slow

Final Verdict- Pur Led Water Filter Pitcher Review

Pur Led is affordable, efficient & nice looking water filter pitcher. It is great pick. I highly recommend this pitcher because of its functionalities & capabilities.

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